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When I started my coaching business, I realized that while I had trained to become a certified coach, I didn't prepare myself to become a business owner.  There was so much more to set up than I had ever imagined.  One very important aspect was marketing.  I needed a logo, a website, brand identity that was consistent across all of the tools I used with my clients, and of course, I needed to be discoverable. 

After spending quite a bit of time and energy building my own site and branding, I reignited my love for marketing, and decided to combine it with my passion for coaching and helping others.  From this revelation, Coach Marketing Solutions was born.  

With my combined expertise in Coaching and marketing, I am able to offer my coaching colleagues the option to save time and money while I develop professional branding and websites that represent their passion for their business in an authentic and effective way.

Meet Joanna

I create custom packages that are based on your specific needs, and include working together one on one using a unique approach that integrates my coaching techniques, creativity and marketing background to create everything you will need to boldly represent yourself and your business to potential clients.  I have several services available, including website design, logo design, branding for your business, business cards, customized tools and forms, coaching, consulting, and so much more.  

I  welcome the opportunity connect and learn more about your needs, and to exemplify what I have to offer you and your business.  Together, we can move your business forward!

I am an iPEC trained Certified Professional Coach, a member of the ICF, and a WIX Partner, with a BS in Marketing from NYU's Stern School of Business.

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