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Clients Share Their Experiences

As a recent iPEC Certified Professional Coach, I started creating the list of things to do  next  for launching  my coaching  business. This list was  daunting. I  learned of

Joanna through the iPEC Facebook page. She and I had an initial discovery call about what she could provide in the way of Website Design, Logo creation, Graphics, and much more.  I knew right away that I would be hiring her, and I was right. 

On our 3rd call, she had a drafted web site that literally made me cry the minute I saw it.  She had  captured the  essence  of who I am and what  I could  provide as a  Coach in such a

short time. The only regret is that I didn't contact Joanna sooner.  So my advice to you coaches out there who are planning to start your business, start with Joanna first!               

-Laura Jendro, Your Guide 4 Coaching

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Joanna is an absolute godsend.  She’s creative and efficient.  She works within the parameters you lay out for her, and is always able to provide creative work-arounds  (when necessary) and innovations to convey your message powerfully.

Before I met Joanna, I was struggling to find the right web designer for my new coaching initiative, Coaches Against COVID, designed specifically to help healthcare workers serving on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

Enter Joanna. She very skillfully stepped into the breach, explaining all my options, and even suggesting some new messaging ideas that hadn’t occurred to me before.

Joanna was great at quickly putting me at ease and helping me develop my concept.  I could always feel comfortable going to her with my questions and concerns, and really enjoyed sharing perspectives with her.

She delivered work in a timely fashion, and was always extremely responsive to my suggested edits and changes.  She also took the time to explain how the site works, and how I might make changes once the website had been completed.  I always felt super-comfortable going to her with my questions and concerns.

Ultimately, I received such beautiful and powerful work from Joanna, and I’m so happy I decided to work with her!  It’s a great, informative site that I can be proud of; I’m incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with Joanna Eshaghoff – she’s a wonderful web designer and marketing wiz!

-Vanessa Gil, Coaches Against Covid

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When I launched my new coaching practice, the BEST thing I did was hired Joanna to help me with my brand and marketing.  I was expecting things like my logo, business cards and website design.     What I was not expecting was to not

knowing how I wanted to define and brand myself.  


That is where Joanna's skills as a certified professional coach uniquely complement her marketing expertise -- she coached me through it!  Her use of empowering questions and intuitive listening helped me connect with not only my purpose and vision for who and what I want to be as a coach, but how to tell that story through my brand and marketing.

From that was born my "look and feel" which is now reflected in my logo, website and branded materials -- all beautifully designed by Joanna.

-Brian Flanagan, BAF Coaching Consulting

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